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Managing Business Receipts: Simplifying the Process bookkeeping tips Oct 19, 2023

Receipts often create a headache for entrepreneurs, especially if you, like me, find managing paper overwhelming. However, with a well-organized system and the use of dedicated business accounts, you can streamline the receipt-keeping process, and chances are you may never need to refer to them...

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Navigating Business Mileage: Standard Rate vs. Itemizing Expenses bookkeeping tips Jul 04, 2023

When it comes to deducting auto expenses for business purposes, there are two primary methods: the actual method and the standard mileage method. Each approach has its merits and considerations, catering to different business needs and circumstances. Let's dive into the details to help you...

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014. Hiding the Mess: Why Business Owners Are Hesitant to Hire Bookkeepers podcast Dec 21, 2022

The number one biggest reason I see businesses putting off hiring a bookkeeper?

Hint: it’s not because they aren’t ready to hire one. In fact, they KNOW they need to hire one, and do it sooner rather than later.

But there’s one problem: Their books are a mess. Maybe...

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013. Accountability, Community, and Connection: All About the Profit Society podcast Dec 07, 2022

Last time, I chatted a bit about The Profit Society, and what it has to offer for you. However, nothing can demonstrate the impact it makes better than a firsthand account from one of our members, so…

Everybody, please welcome my wonderful guest, Meagan Hurley, who came on the podcast...

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012. When You're Ready to Hire a Bookkeeper...And When You're Not podcast Nov 16, 2022

You shouldn't ever feel pressured into hiring a bookkeeper.

It can be an incredible weight lifted off your shoulders, yes. It can be a huge asset to you and your business, yes. But if you're not actually ready to hire a bookkeeper for whatever reason—whether that be because you don't have...

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