012. When You're Ready to Hire a Bookkeeper...And When You're Not

podcast Nov 16, 2022

You shouldn't ever feel pressured into hiring a bookkeeper.

It can be an incredible weight lifted off your shoulders, yes. It can be a huge asset to you and your business, yes. But if you're not actually ready to hire a bookkeeper for whatever reason—whether that be because you don't have the cash flow or the sales or it simply doesn't feel right—you shouldn't go against your instincts and do it anyway.

So if you know you aren't ready yet, what do you do in the meantime?

Ignoring your bookkeeping until you're ready to hire someone to help isn't the answer, but there IS an answer...and I'm going to tell you all about it in Episode 12 of the Simply Booked Podcast! 😱 Listen now on your favorite streaming platform!


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Say goodbye to long hours crunching numbers and hello to doing literally anything else!

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You are an online business owner and don’t have a minute to spare. You know the importance of clean business finances but don’t have the time to learn or implement another new system.

I call myself a MODERN bookkeeper because I utilize current cloud-based accounting software, geek out over beautiful reports, and know what you value as a service-based solopreneur myself! I’m your new data-obsessed biz-bestie in your back pocket.

I can't wait to learn more about your business! I'm obsessed with helping creative people make a living doing what they love!


“I’m ready Lisa, but I’m freaking out... What do I need to do before we tackle the books?”
- You, probably.

Great news! You need less than you think. This free checklist is all you need to prepare for our Bookkeeping Strategy Sesh, and only if you really wanna… It isn’t required!